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Micro-pigmentation is an already established semi-permanent makeup technique, especially on the eyebrows.

Because it is more natural and allows corrections, micro-pigmentation took the place of the old permanent makeup, the tattoo made to contour eyes and lips in the past. The line was stronger and more permanent, practically impossible to remove and with variations in tone over time.

Therefore, micro-pigmentation began to be performed in other areas of the face, such as eyes and lips, as it presents a very beautiful and natural aesthetic effect, with a temporary duration and allowing corrections.

The Dermica Academy  Micro-pigmentation course can be taken by beginners, as we teach the basic content and then go into specific techniques for eye contouring and lip and brows micro-pigmentation.

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Course Differentials

The Eyes and Lips Micro-pigmentation Course is a complete course. We teach all micro-pigmentation applications, even for beginners.

Our students learn light and shadow techniques and pigment neutralisation. We teach you how to perform the assessment in a personalised way, according to the shape of the eyes and lips, phototype and desired effect.

For each service, a combination of pigments is made. Smokers, for example, may have stained lips that need neutralisation.

We prepare our students for the job market. We create a system to calculate costs and prices to be charged so that the business can prosper.

Our instructors have extensive experience in the area of ​​aesthetics and micro-pigmentation. They are formed by leading academies, in UK and abroad.

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