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Russian Volume Lashes


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Discover the art of Russian Volume Lashes with our comprehensive training course designed for lash technicians looking to expand their skill set and offer clients luxurious, voluminous lashes. Led by experienced industry professionals, this intensive program delves into the intricate techniques of creating multi-dimensional lash extensions that enhance natural beauty and add depth to the eyes.

Participants will learn how to master the art of hand-made fans, perfect isolation methods, and achieve seamless application for stunning, long-lasting results. Through a combination of theoretical instruction, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice, participants will gain the confidence and expertise needed to elevate their lash extension services and meet the growing demand for Russian Volume Lashes.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion indicating proficiency in Russian Volume Lash techniques.

Join us to embark on your journey into the dynamic field of aesthetic medicine with confidence and expertise in Russian Volume Lash techniques!

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Course Objectives:

  1. Introduction to Russian Volume Lashes:
    • Overview of Russian Volume technique: history, evolution, and current trends.
    • Understanding lash anatomy and extension materials for optimal results.
    • Health and safety protocols, including sanitation, sterilisation, and client consultation.
  1. Hand-Made Fan Techniques:
    • Techniques for creating hand-made fans using ultra-fine lash extensions.
    • Understanding fan symmetry, spacing, and placement for natural-looking volume.
    • Hands-on practice of fan creation and manipulation for customised lash designs.
  1. Perfecting Isolation Methods:
    • Mastering isolation techniques to ensure each natural lash is properly isolated and extensions are applied without clumping.
    • Precision placement and isolation for seamless blending and uniform lash coverage.
  1. Seamless Application:
    • Techniques for precise extension application, including attachment methods, adhesive control, and lash mapping.
    • Achieving uniform curl, length, and density for voluminous, fluttery lashes.
  1. Client Consultation and Expectation Management:
    • Conducting thorough consultations to understand client preferences and desired lash style.
    • Managing client expectations and providing pre- and post-treatment care instructions for optimal retention and lash health.
  1. Aftercare and Maintenance:
    • Educating clients on proper aftercare practices to maximise retention and longevity of lash extensions.
    • Touch-up procedures and maintenance recommendations for maintaining the integrity of the lash line.