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Lip Blush Micro-pigmentation


About the Course

Lip micropigmentation is another alternative for facial beautification and promoting self-esteem. The Lip Micro-pigmentation Course is intended for people who have no prior knowledge of micro-pigmentation.

Dermica Academy, a reference in the teaching of micro-pigmentation and microblading, promotes two days course. One for theoretical teaching and the other for the practice of technique, including in real models.

Classes includes content on micro-pigmentation in general such as needle types, pigments, biosafety… Specific content on lip micro-pigmentation: lip anatomy, lip skin physiology, analgesia, colorimetry, 3D techniques – with light and shadow effect.

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What will you learn?

  • What is dermograph
  • What is micro-pigmentation
  • How is micro-pigmentation done?
  • Dermographs – models and brands types of needles
  • Pigments for micro-pigmentation: organic and inorganic
  • Knowing the pigments and their bases
  • Lipstick history
  • Physical appearance and choice of pigments
  • Lip anatomy
  • Lip skin physiology
  • Methods for analgesia
  • Light and shadow effect
  • Lip shapes
  • Lipstick effect
  • Biosafety in micro-pigmentation
  • The clean studio and biosecurity
  • Cross contaminations
  • Types of sterilisation
  • I got stuck and now?
  • Clinical pathologies that prevent micro-pigmentation or require greater care
  • Post micro-pigmentation care
  • Artificial skin training
  • Model practice


The Lip Micro-pigmentation Course is a complete course. We have all lip pigmentation applications, even for beginners.

Our students learn light and pigment neutralisation techniques. We teach you how to carry out an assessment in a personalised way, according to the shape of the lips, phototype and desired effects.

For each service, a large amount of pigments is made. Smokers, for example, may have stained lips that need neutralisation. 

We prepare our students for the job market. We create a system to calculate costs and prices to be charged so that the business can prosper.


WAS: £999