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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Foundations


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This foundation Botox training course is tailored for Healthcare Practitioners, SPMU practitioner 6 months+, NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy or equivalent. If you do not hold an NVQ Level 3 or 4 but do have other qualifications that are directly related to this area of work, particularly if you work with needles please contact us to see if we will accept your qualification as a pre- requisite for enrolment.  

This course allows you to establish a solid understanding of the principles and practices involved in Botox cosmetic procedures. Designed as an introductory workshop, participants will gain essential knowledge of facial anatomy, injection techniques, patient assessment, and safety considerations essential for administering Botox injections effectively and safely. Led by experienced practitioners in the field, this immersive course combines theoretical learning with practical hands-on sessions to ensure participants acquire the foundational skills necessary to embark on their journey in aesthetic medicine confidently.

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Course Objectives:

  1. Basic Understanding of Facial Anatomy:
    • Overview of facial musculature and neuroanatomy relevant to Botox injections.
    • Identification of key facial landmarks and muscles targeted for treatment.
  2. Introduction to Botox:
    • History, pharmacology, and action mechanism of botulinum toxin type A.
    • Indications and contraindications for Botox cosmetic procedures.
  3. Injection Techniques:
    • Introduction to basic injection techniques for common treatment areas such as forehead lines, glabellar lines, and crow’s feet.
    • Hands-on practice of injection techniques on anatomically accurate models under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  4. Patient Assessment and Consultation:
    • Principles of patient assessment, including medical history review and aesthetic goals assessment.
    • Effective communication skills for conducting comprehensive consultations and setting realistic patient expectations.
  5. Safety and Complications Management:
    • Understanding potential adverse effects and complications associated with Botox injections.
    • Strategies for mitigating risks and managing complications in clinical practice.
  6. Practical Hands-On Sessions:
    • Live demonstrations by expert faculty followed by supervised hands-on practice sessions.
    • Opportunities for individualised instruction and feedback to refine injection techniques and optimise patient outcomes.
  7. Regulatory and Legal Considerations:
    • Overview of regulatory requirements and legal considerations governing Botox administration in aesthetic medicine practice.
    • Discussion on documentation, consent forms, and best practices for maintaining compliance with relevant regulations.