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Advanced Dermal Fillers


1 Day Full Course WAS £1,199 NOW ONLY £899!

Elevate your expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine with our advanced dermal fillers training course. Designed  for students who have completed a Basic Dermal Fillers Course and can obtain suitable insurance looking to enhance their skills and expand their repertoire, this comprehensive workshop delves into advanced injection techniques, combination treatments, facial sculpting, and management of complex cases.

This immersive course combines theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on sessions using the latest techniques and products. Participants will gain the confidence and proficiency needed to deliver exceptional results and address a wide range of aesthetic concerns with precision and artistry.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion indicating proficiency in advanced dermal fillers techniques.

Join us to embark on your journey into the dynamic field of aesthetic medicine with confidence and expertise in advanced dermal fillers techniques!

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Course Objectives:

  1. Advanced Injection Techniques:
    • Mastery of advanced injection techniques for challenging areas such as Tear Trough, Malar, Chin, Mandibular Angle, Mandibular Contour, Nasolabial Folds, Static Marionette Lines and Nose.
    • Fine-tuning injection depth, angle, and volume to achieve natural-looking results and enhance patient satisfaction.
  1. Combination Treatments:
    • Integration of dermal fillers with other cosmetic modalities such as neurotoxins, threads, and laser treatments to achieve synergistic outcomes.
    • Strategies for developing comprehensive treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs and aesthetic goals.
  1. Facial Sculpting and Contouring:
    • Understanding facial proportions and symmetry for harmonious facial contouring.
    • Techniques for sculpting cheekbones, defining jawlines, and enhancing lip volume with precision and finesse.
  1. Managing Complications:
    • Recognition and management of complications associated with advanced dermal filler treatments, such as vascular compromise and filler migration.
    • Advanced strategies for troubleshooting and mitigating complications to ensure optimal patient safety and outcomes.